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Full body alignment by traditional "Bonesetting" method


A bonesetter is a practitioner of body Joint manipulation. 

The original spinal adjustment was a variation of a procedure known today as spinal manipulation. This form of treatment has documented use as far back as Hippocrates, the ancient Egyptians and Asian Cultures and was carried through the ages by families of bonesetters.

In old Finnish families and communities bonesetting was learned in conjunction with acupressure, massage and lymph therapy. For many years this type of training was normal practice in these families and communities being passed on from generation to generation.


Five facts about bonesetting:

  1. According to the study of University of Kuopio the customers of bonesetters were the happiest with their treatment immediately after their appointment as well as one year after the work.selk.jpg

  2. Usually one treatment is enough.

  3. People who have been treated by a bonesetter practitioner needed the least amount of sick days from work.

  4. During the treatment the bonesetter finds the first cause of the misalignment. For example neck pain can be caused by a mispositioned knee.

  5. Bone setting is a nonviolent treatment. Body alignment is done using the natural movement of the body carefully without force.

What kind of help to look for?

  • Pain in legs; fix the length of legs (only a sselk2.jpgmall amount of people really have length differences in their legs) by aligning the joints in legs and pelvis.
  •  Lower back pain; lumbar and sacrum alignment.
  • Scoliosis
  • Upper back pain. misaligned joints; may cause high blood pressure, heart pain, etc.  
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Pain in hands 
  • Headaches; misalignment of the jaw, dizziness,...   

  See a slideshow of typical reason for back pain

To fix this (slideshow issue) yourself you can try the following:

- only do this if you are on ok condition to do normal work and exercise and do not have a fresh trauma.

- stop doing this if you feel any pain!

  1. sit on a hard and level surface stool or chair that has no back support.
  2. feel the two sitting bones against the chair. does one feel stronger that the other?
  3. put a book that is about 1 cm thick under the siting bone that feels sronger.
  4. lean slowly front breathing in and lean back breating out. Repeat this 3 times.
  5. take the book away and feel again if there is better balance on the bones touching the stool - if not repeat from step 2


Antti Torsti -  will help when you are in pain!

- usually one treatment is enough!

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